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technical question

So Im learning how to record. I have a 8-track mixer, I send the mixer with a stereo cable to my computers sound card, then I use computer software to record and edit. I just got some new rack equipment (compressor, reverb, etc) and I was kinda having trouble on where in the chain I should put the rack equipment. Here are the three possibilities I tried out:

A) Amp, Mixing Board, Rack Equipment, Computer

B) Amp, Rack Equipment, Mixing Board, Computer

C) Rack Equipment, Amp, Mixing Board, Computer

Which sequence would yield the best results; Any ideas? Id really appreciate it.

(P.S. Right now I own a really old/shitty hand me down mixer and I'm looking for a new one. Can anyone give me advice on who makes really good mixing boards and what features I should look for when buying one?)
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